B2B Marketing Tools

B2B Marketing Tools - Each chapter inside the 38 page eBook focuses on a particular trend, lists the needs associated with that trend, and ends with software profiles of 10-15 tools most likely to help. To give you a primer, here's a look at the software tools designated best-in-class for personalizing communication as scale.
The Best B2B Marketing Tools for 2018

1. Docurated
Your sales team needs easy access to relevant, compelling content like case studies, infographics, and videos. But most importantly, they need that content to directly align with each prospect they’re working with, regardless of where they fall on the sales cycle, which buyer persona they identify with, and what previous interactions they may have had. Docurated ensures that the right assets are readily available by allowing you to transform disparate content systems into a single, powerful knowledge base, where key content can be instantly surfaced at the appropriate time.
2. Eloqua
In terms of sheer functionality, Eloqua is without equal among marketing automation platforms: a sophisticated, enterprise-grade platform that covers every inch of the field for modern digital marketing operations. Many of the products in this Guide distinguish themselves by being lightweight, agile, and affordable. Eloqua is not one of those products. It’s built for big-time companies with Ph.D-level digital marketing practitioners at the helm. A nuclear option that can deliver the maximum firepower and revenue impacts to major league marketing organizations.

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